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Hello, I’m Shaneen, the adventurous soul behind A Bugling Affair. I am married to my best friend, we have 3 boys, a daughter, and 4 fur babies. Born and raised in SoCal yet I call the White Mountains of Arizona my home. Arizona is where we have chosen to raise our kids and plant our roots. Let’s face it the freeway’s and fast lifestyle are just not our thing. You will find us every chance we have hiking in the woods, kayaking the lakes, and seeking that next adventure. After a recent trip to Wyoming I must admit the Tetons have stolen a piece of my heart. My background includes 20 years in the wedding industry. I have coordinated so many weddings and each has made me more diligent, knowledgeable, and I thrive for the creative outlet each design brings. A couple’s wedding should never be the same as the last. It should represent who they are as a couple and express to their family and friends the love for each other and life. As a coordinator working with good and even great photographers, I started to recognize that there was more photography that could be captured from the coordinators point of view that most photographers don’t realize exists. From the first time I picked up that camera #canonlovers to the first time I introduced myself to a couple as a wedding photographer, a passion was unleashed and is continuing to grow. I am fortunate to have my daughter Kristen as my 2nd shooter and together we have a style native to our lifestyle and personalities. We are chasers of natural light, waiting for the moment the sun peeks from behind that pine tree or moments before the sun sets as we stand high on the mountain tops. I love true to life colors of what nature has provided. Romantic, raw, candid moments are what gives our couples the ability to look at the story their pictures can tell. We are always seeking out that adventurous couple wanting to explore their love and embrace the natural settings to find that epic moment we as “creatives” yearn to capture. Some may call what we do a job, but everyday we have the chance to meet new people, explore new trails, and have the opportunity to work with the best vendors in the industry. This is our life and our next adventure is just a click away…

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